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Mr Creep Fan Page retro sound, voice that recalls the 80's, I love these tracks, Amazing work, I recommend it
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conor1977 This is my favourite album of the year. since I heard it I haven't been able to stop. This does not sound like nostalgia, it sounds like a masterpiece album transmitted from an alternate past. Favorite track: Ocean City.
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julesneonfawkes Awesome haunting retro vocals tinged with new wave sounds brings me back to the '80s hard and fast. I'm can drift off into a daydream in 2 seconds flat listening to Tokyo Rain. Favorite track: Tokyo Rain / わかりません.
Anu Kirk
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Anu Kirk Luscious-235 presents a fantastic retro/synthwave record with great songs and mysterious depths. Favorite track: Better Off Dead (ft. jh0st).
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You don’t remember.

In the year 1979, humanity experienced dramatic, rapid technological advancement which has since been completely expunged from the historical record. One day, everything was blurry analog. And the next, primitive but rapidly evolving digital. Where did it come from? How did everything change so fast? Some say it was extraterrestrials. Or ancient secrets from the Toltecs, Mayans, or Egyptians. Maybe it was a series of covert government projects.

Within one year, the first iteration of smartphones were commonplace. 2 years after 1979, artificial humans were walking the streets, holding jobs, and paying taxes. The economies of the world turned while artificials happily carried out their functions and humans reaped the benefits. It was a utopia. Until it wasn’t.

Growing paranoia -- fueled by the uncontrolled rise of technology and coupled with religious fundamentalism -- was at the forefront of the global conversation. Some humans and governments were afraid of being completely usurped by the artificials and overwhelmed by technology. Perhaps rightfully so.

In the 3rd year, the governments of the world enacted what they called “Operation End Game”. A “hard reset” on technology and society. Nuclear warheads detonated at high altitudes, with the resulting electro-magnetic pulses destroying all electronics. Millions died in the ensuing damage and chaos.

But you don’t remember any of it. You still believe only 6 years separate “1979” and “1985”. How can humanity forget an entire decade? We were there. We remember everything.

The following years (no one knows for sure, but estimates put it between 5-8) were used to rebuild, repair, and restart everything in a carefully controlled fashion. Drugs broadcast via air, water, radio, and television provided historical scrubbing and psychological programming.

The entirety of humanity was left with no record or memory of the event. The few remaining fragments and facts have been pieced together by a small community. They call this lost time “The 19A0s”.

And so you don’t remember. But we do. We are Luscious-235 -- a band consisting of a human (Sid Luscious) and an artificial (Unit 235). When Operation End Game was enacted, we were playing a show, deep in an underground parking garage in Los Angeles. Under the concrete and dirt, we were shielded from the effects of the EMP. We survived. We remember everything.

This is our story. This is our music. This is the 19A0s.


released January 1, 2019

Unit-235 (Brian L. Ward): guitars, synthesizers, and microcomputer
Sid Luscious (Anu Kirk): vocals, guitars, synthesizers, and microcomputer

All songs written by Anu Kirk and Brian L. Ward
Produced and Engineered by Luscious-235 at Blue Moscow and Galvanic Sentience
Special thanks to Iran Narges and Treacy Ward

Mastered by Michael Hateley for Lotus Mastering

Jacket art by John Karborn
Sleeve design by Iran Narges

This record was made possible in part by support from Phyllis Latham and Neutron Sound


all rights reserved




Luscious-235 is a joint venture between former 80s superstar Sid Luscious and the artificial entity known as Unit 235.

Working together from separate locations, they are using electronic devices to uncover the secrets of the lost decade of the 19A0s.

The resulting transmissions are information-dense, disguised as pop songs.
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Track Name: 19A0-12-31
Track Name: New Year's Day
Partied like it was 1979
Or ‘85
Because it was
And it felt like
Everything was alright

But I knew
We knew
This couldn’t last
Too much too fast
That night
I held you tight

New Year’s Day
Forgive our mistakes
We can wipe away
Everything that went wrong

New Year’s Day
Start with a clean slate
They say
Shining futures

So I left our room
That underground concrete tomb
Picked my way through the debris
Around me

I think I forgot something
I remember a light so blinding
I can’t see a thing
I can’t see you

New Year’s Day
Throw it all away
Is gone for good

New Year’s Day
We will find our way
Have no fear
New Year’s Day
Is here
Track Name: Ocean City
The stolen mixtape plays
Listen to what they say
Heading to the rendez-vous
The company knows
It’s me and you
They’re on to us
They won’t give up

Dreams of stopping the waves
Missing piece of the puzzle placed
In the white car
Driving fast
Windows down
Music full-blast
The lighthouse on the beach
We can beat the heat

Ocean City is waiting for us
Ocean City and all we have lost
We could be there today
We’ll find a way
To Ocean City

Secrets that we know
Cracks are starting to grow
Pyramids in the sand
Technology got out of hand
A hard reset
We can’t forget

Ocean City
We’ll find a way back
To Ocean City
and all that we lack
Can you feel the space?
And what has been erased?
A place called
Ocean City

Memories starting to fade
Of Ocean City and the lost decade
A moment in time
Can we rewind?
Why can’t we find
Ocean City?
Track Name: Midnight Drivn
Do you want to go out midnight driving?
Do you want to go to the midnight drive-in?
We could see “The Wall”
“Heavy Metal” is on
Come on
Midnight Drivn

You and I
We could drive all night
You and I
We could drive all night

Do you want to go out midnight driving?
Do you want to go to the midnight drive-in?
John Carpenter’s “The Thing”
Or maybe “Halloween”
On screen
Midnight Drivn

Red and white
Lines and lights
We could drive all night

Do you want to go out midnight driving?
Do you want to go to the midnight drive-in?
“Rocky Horror Show”
And then “El Topo”
Let’s go
Midnight Drivn

Do you want to go out midnight driving?
Do you want to go to the midnight drive-in?
We could see “The Wall”
“Heavy Metal” is on
Come on
Midnight Drivn
Track Name: Better Off Dead (ft. jh0st)
Seeing past
My fingers touch the glass
In the world
left behind
The breeze and sea
I wish you were around

Windblown sand on the freeway
Palm trees rustle overhead

Better off dead

You had the machines all running
Today I saw them cracking down
Once I held you close
Guess it’s just the work and your ghost
Holding me here now

The coat of night wrapped around me
Worrying at the threads

Better off dead
Track Name: Black Dawn
Daylight rolling back
Time gone off track
Chrome pyramids on the skyline

They say it’s an eclipse
But the truth is stranger
The rusting tape of the world you know
They’ll erase and change it

It’s a black dawn
On a dark day

The remains of the day
Complex patterns of color and shape

Evidence is mounting
A secret history of sin
Lost in the garden
With three wolves closing in

It’s a black dawn
In a phantom time
Black dawn
Chrome pyramids on the skyline

It’s a black dawn
On an empty place
It’s a black dawn
On a blank landscape
Track Name: War Games
Let’s connect
And spread out the board
And if you’re good
Maybe you can score

The stakes are high
Your dice are hot
Are you ready to roll?
Show me what you got

On the battlefield
Face to face
Hand to hand
You know what it takes

Launch codes ready
Missiles gonna shoot
Out of control
Aiming at you

It’s so hard
It’s so hard for you
It’s so hard for you to lose

Will you fight for love?
Head to head for love

We could play
War Games
We could play
War Games

The assassins dance
Stormtrooper in drag
Pleasure principles
Let’s play
Track Name: J-9
She was made
Just for me
She works and plays
While I sleep

She’s just like
You used to be
But we don’t fight
And she won’t leave

J-9 is waiting for me at home
She tells me I’ll never be alone
J-9 knows everything that I like
I can’t wait to be with her tonight

Now I’m not alone
She’s there
You don’t understand us
But I don’t care

J-9 (I say) this feels like love
She smiles and it’s close enough
J-9 is charging and soon I can turn her on
It won’t be long

Is there something wrong?
Nothing’s wrong
Is there something wrong?
Nothing’s wrong
Track Name: Video At Night
The video rewinds
You know it feels like the end
Of something
Or nothing
How much is left?

Familiar sequence of scenes
I’ve never seen before
Am I awake or dreaming?
Can’t tell anymore

Silhouettes are dancing
In front of my eyes
There are pieces missing
Edited and spliced

This life feels like
Video at night
In uncertain times
Like video at night

Should I be watching this?
It doesn’t seem right
Dark secrets and passion
Feel it growing inside

Is it a phantom?
Or is it fantasy?
Fragments of the future?
Or motes of memory?

Go for a ride
Like a video at night
All shadows and light
Like video at night

Scrambled channels on cable TV
In the static signals a message for me

So blurry and bright
Like video at night
Close my eyes
Like video at night
Track Name: Tokyo Rain / わかりません
Yamanote line
Waiting for the train
Shinagawa eki
Tokyo rain

Gray stones under your feet
Neon lights the street
You think you’ve got it all figured out
You’re really in the swing

But you don’t understand a word (わかりません)
You don’t understand a thing (わかりません)
Track Name: 19AF-XX-XX

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